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Prayer Keys by Clift and Kathleen Richards ~ Christian Prayer Book

Prayer Keys

Each chapter presents Bible teaching about prayer, personal illustrations of answered prayer, and a prayer of application that is built directly from the Word of God. Prayer Keys is designed to help believers grasp the importance of prayer, apply the keys to their personal lives, and find answers to all their prayers.

Praying Bible Promises by Clift and Kathleen Richards ~ Christian Prayer Book

Praying Bible Promises

This little book provides believers with a powerful way to enter into all the miraculous adventures involved with Praying Bible Promises. It is divided into two parts - "All God's Promises" (a teaching section) and "Promise-Prayers" (a devotional/prayer section with more than seventy devotions and topical prayers).  Readers experience spiritual transformation as they learn to keep their focus on the promises of God.

Prayers for Others by Clift and Kathleen Richards ~ Christian Prayer Book

Prayers for Others

This book covers a multitude of topics dealing with personal and emotional needs; family needs; healing needs; financial needs; and spiritual needs. As you pray God's Word in behalf of others, amazing things will happen and you will be thrilled to see God at work in the lives of those for whom you pray.

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